How to play Dice?

Knowing how to play DADU Online dice is very popular not only when talking about casino but in general as part of people’s lives you can find them in a wide variety of games created for the entertainment of children and adults. When you talk about the dice in a more serious aspect, that is to say with bets in traditional or online casinos many people consider that it is something very complex. However it is more about knowing the basic rules of the game, the components and the actions to perform so you can understand and also enjoy the game.

How to play dice? Basic Aspects

With most games of chance it is important to know the types of bets and thus have a solid base with which to start playing and winning. First of all, playing dice always demands the result of chance which implies that you can never have control over it.It is important to know that everything begins with the bets, however within the game of the dice the bets are distributed on the table which is divided into zones. Each zone defines certain types of bets and winnings.


7 or 11: If, when the dice are rolled the player obtains these two results that is to say one of them they will win the bet.

2, 3 or 12: if when throwing the dice this type of result falls that is to say that one of them then must be aware that without remedy you will lose the bet.

4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10: Then within the rules of how to play dice it is known that the player in this case has a point that will be placed by the dealer.

When the player has a point they have the possibility of throwing again to make another point and then draw a 7. If the 7 is drawn before, the bet will be totally lost.

Conclusion: Steps

The steps of how to play dice are simple. Basically you just need to know the bets and the result of the dice. To play then you must take into account some features. Otherwise you may lose what you have.

Make the bet: It is necessary that before playing you can make the bet. This gives you the right to start rolling the dice.

Launching: One of the recommendations that most experts make you is related to the fact that people must learn first in online casinos and gain experience there. Later you can move to a traditional casino in which to roll the dice in real life.

Result: Remember that when playing dice you have results that allow you to win, lose or continue with the game, the results you have given in the previous section.

These are some basic rules with which anyone can know how to play dice and what the experts recommend. Remember, it is to play online first and then move on to something more advanced.